Hey @KodiakCouch welcome to asonix dot dog!

Sorry this post took about 2 days :0

Why don't you set up your profile a bit? Set a profile pic, header image, tell us about yourself!

There's some real great posts in the tag so you can learn who's who

@asonix it's no problem at all. One of my friends bright me into this group. I really like it, unfortunately the introduction yeah isn't working for me right now. So I'll just do it here. I an a transwoman, nb, pansexual. In also a vehemently leftists internet activists. I was really interested in how you guys were able to set this up on a SBC.

@KodiakCouch yeah I mean mastodon is too heavy for 1 raspberry pi, but if you get 2 or 3 rock64s you can run it really well.

The limitation is Memory, not CPU (although it is a bit slower than other instances). You just need to make sure you have enough RAM to transcode videos and images when they show up.

My setup has masto-web and masto-streaming on a rock64, postgres on another rock64, and masto-sidekiq on a pi2 that mounts an NFS share from the masto rock64

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@asonix I was also looking at AtomicPi's. Connected to PiServer. Thank you Soo much for the info.

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Here's my neat mastodon instance on a collection of Single Board Computers. This instance is for me and a few of my local friends.