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oh btw you can probably run mastodon entirely on one of those 4GB raspberry pis now, so total cost comes out to

$55 - raspberry pi
$8 - wall adapter
$10 - micro SD
$25 - 120GB Solid State
$10 - external SSD enclosure

but it's a 1-time payment, unlike renting a VPS from a cloud provider.

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You better watch out! This Pup Will Tell You About Software Licenses!!!

Thanks so much @ruca for a beautiful good friend and dog

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Hey I'm asonix I'm a dog on mastodon on my mastodon instance asonix dot dog :asonix:

I program and admin servers and stuff and I'm also a dog.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog, except when you tell everyone that you're a dog. I'm a dog.

I'm also a spotted hyena named Arlo and I have an alt over at hyenas dot space @arlo :arlo_happy:

I'm also an aardwolf named August and a dragon named Atlas.

Sometimes I'm a pool toy @asonix

And then when Canonical and System76 say "actually we don't want our OS to look like shit" they get yelled at??? Get some eyes

Like sure, it's technically great, but I can't stand looking at the default configuration

Like, have you installed Fedora recently? It's ugly!

"Stop theming my app" well maybe don't make you app look like shit, then

mastoadmin, yikes 

if y'all don't follow

- Tom: @tom
- Tom: @masklayer

then you're missing out tbh

I'm sick, shitpost 

someone: Maybe we should try [insert code thing]
someone else: what do we have to lose?
me: we have nothing to lose but our chains

Liam Neeson?
Liam Neeson's knees, son
Liam Neeson's knees on his niece on "e"s on a nisan?

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Here's my neat mastodon instance on a collection of Single Board Computers. This instance is for me and a few of my local friends.