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oh btw you can probably run mastodon entirely on one of those 4GB raspberry pis now, so total cost comes out to

$55 - raspberry pi
$8 - wall adapter
$10 - micro SD
$25 - 120GB Solid State
$10 - external SSD enclosure

but it's a 1-time payment, unlike renting a VPS from a cloud provider.

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You better watch out! This Pup Will Tell You About Software Licenses!!!

Thanks so much @ruca for a beautiful good friend and dog

What's that site where you throw money away? Kickflipper?

fedi should promote Matrix and Mumble tbh

Snouts Matrix and Mumble servers when???

Does anyone have a link to that Halloween set where the DJ kept getting interrupted by the skeleton and the announcer guy narrates

I have never played Kingdom Hearts and I never will

Horney for Kingdom Hearts DLC - based Podcast Episodes

i'm going to meow at the entire cast of kingdom hearts

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