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hey what's up gamer's it's been a while since i've made one of these posts

I'm Aode (pronounced eyed) and i'm lion on mane. i write code for work and for fun (ruby, js, elm, rust). Talk to me about furry bs, programming, and linux

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oh btw you can probably run mastodon entirely on one of those 4GB raspberry pis now, so total cost comes out to

$55 - raspberry pi
$8 - wall adapter
$10 - micro SD
$25 - 120GB Solid State
$10 - external SSD enclosure

but it's a 1-time payment, unlike renting a VPS from a cloud provider.


They do a podcast together called Shades of Brown that (generally) covers tech news and it's great tbh

Especially when they keep saying "CoreOS" when referring to a windows thing and not "CoreOS Container Linux" or "Fedora CoreOS" or "Red Hat CoreOS"

Side note: CoreOS is totally pronounced like oreos

@hyperlink please, I beg you, I'm so far behind on podcasts, I can't keep up, you're too powerful

nsfw lewd poll 

1. Aode
2. dating???
3. From the dust
4. 1378
5. Firefox
6. dc
7. tx a&m dropout hell yeah
8. us
9. 0
10. 0
11. putting shitty people on undeserved pedestals
12. 2017
13. chillin with friends
14. Hot 👀💦


angery about a right triangle i saw with sides length i and 1 and hypotenuse of 0

uspol, shitpost 

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uspol, shitpost 


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