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wish i had more good mario pics but alas the rest of my switch mem is entirely filled up with lovingly framed shots of the dragons in botw

im a wildlife photographer, except i only do video game dragons

patreon request from technojara on birdsite


you: why dont you just use a drill

me: i have an extremely powerful drill that has too much torque. my dremel has too much rotational velocity. the electric screwdriver however?? sucks equally at both, and is therefore ideal

computers!!! bebebebepebbepebepebepeebebebpebebebpebebepeepbepebebebpebbebbebbebbebbeb

And #GNU #Ring is finally up-to-date again on #fdroid! (And should hopefully not fall behind that much again.)

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take 3, with positioning based on my original idea

#fdroid 1.2.2 is out fixing a critical bug on older android phones, where is was instantly crashing and restarting in a loop.

math in america is like teaching people how to code websites but in dreamweaver

We didn't have to look far for our next Executive Director.

As Project Manager since 2015, Isabela Bagueros has led teams in collaborative strategy building and roadmapping unprecedented at Tor. 🥅

"Isa’s contributions to Tor are too many to name here."

Congrats, Isa!

smart speakers are a growth opportunity for lewds, my next ted talk

Me, a boy with no time:

I should open a pull request on that library

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