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You better watch out! This Pup Will Tell You About Software Licenses!!!

Thanks so much @ruca for a beautiful good friend and dog

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Hey I'm asonix I'm a dog on mastodon on my mastodon instance asonix dot dog :asonix:

I program and admin servers and stuff and I'm also a dog.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog, except when you tell everyone that you're a dog. I'm a dog.

I'm also a spotted hyena named Arlo and I have an alt over at hyenas dot space @arlo :arlo_happy:

I'm also an aardwolf named August and a dragon named Atlas.

Sometimes I'm a pool toy @asonix

its nearing christmas and guess what, my girlfriend @earflicks is gonna be leading the sleigh!! this art was a lot of experimenting but I love how it turned out

aaaaaaaAAAAAA adorable girl dfnhjgfnhgfhd

another commission by lunarisdraws on twitter 💛💙💛💙

apparently striped yeens are easily tamed, someone gimme a pet yeen please.

people would see me and be like hmm that's a weird dog I wonder what breed it is

and I would say no u FOOL, it is a YEEN

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Here's my neat mastodon instance on a collection of Single Board Computers. This instance is for me and a few of my local friends.