@asonix tbf what is considered small since some of those have 1000+ ppl already

small for me is <500 but that might just be me

@trashyfins @asonix take note that the registered user number may not reflect the amount of people who are actually active on a daily basis

@asonix there’s at least one (shiro.dog) private, single-user instance in your list

@asonix popping in to add deadinsi.de and witches.live because theyre comfy

@asonix scholar.social is also a smaller instance

(The about page says we have 2k+ users, but a LOT of people make an account and disappear. We had 378 active users in the last week.)

@asonix I must be 2/3 evil then, I have 2 Mastodon.social accounts :blobcatrainbow:

@asonix I should get back into doing #WanderWednesday posts again with all the new people signing up on dot-social unaware of the full scope of federation...

@asonix maybe I'm just weird but I did a double-take when I saw yiff.life described as a small instance

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