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Hey @purism

I understand that people will be paying for access to your mastodon fork, but if your instance harbors people with malicious intent, and I can't report their behavior to you since you disabled the report feature, I'm going to block you.

I'm sure I'm not the only instance admin who feels this way

@asonix @purism wait, their instance has bad folks and you can’t report them???

@RussellTheFox @asonix @purism I'm actually not sure if there are horrible people over there, but I do know Eugen helped them strip out the reporting functionality

@izaliamae @RussellTheFox @asonix @purism worth noting that while I'm inclined to believe that this was actually Eugen, git logs can't be taken as an authoritative source of truth, I can rewrite my git logs to say whatever I want, and this doesn't appear to be a signed commit

That said, it seems within the bounds of reason, so
But what happens if libremone get's turned into libremchan for some reason?
@izaliamae @RussellTheFox @asonix

@asonix @izaliamae @RussellTheFox @purism
There's no question it's Eugen. He stated that he was contracted for some work setting that up, but that ultimately it was at their direction

@Authoritimmy @asonix @izaliamae @RussellTheFox @purism I didn't claim there was a question -- apologies if i was unclear. I just said that the source of the information given wasn't an authoritative statement of truth.

@RussellTheFox @purism well right now it has no folks, but when it has folks, you can't report them. Their instance will reject reports.

@asonix @purism what the heck?? Of all things why would you disable that?

@asonix I concur, @purism. If, on top of violating FOSS licenses, you keep actively preventing moderation, I won't hesitate to block you soon enough.

@asonix @purism There is still the pre-Report way of sending ones such as a DM to the admin…
Ah fuck no they removed these.

And we can probably trust that there will be no email.

@lanodan @purism Their server also doesn't support DMs or followers-only posts. Only Unlisted and Public

@asonix @lanodan @purism I just said "EW" out loud to this, and scared the cats. WELP.

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