@asonix What if you wanted to get into heaven but Gargron said

@wxcafe @asonix what if there were two gargrons on the moon, and one of them said "I really don't think we should do this"
Would that be fucked up or what

@asonix I feel like I'm missing big context. What's the deal here?

@Gargron @purism I understand that, but the commit logs indicate you were the one doing the work.

A number of instances have already blocked them and I'm ready to do the same if I see malicious behavior from them.

@asonix @purism Yes, I do work for Purism sometimes, I don't make the calls though. I've said "are you sure about that one?" and they said yes. Raise the issue with them, or block them, but dragging me into it is pointless.

@asonix @purism
It seems to me that perhaps you're the expert on this stuff. Do they really not want feedback on why choices like that will go over poorly in the community they're trying to join?

@Gargron @asonix @purism Sometimes I feel like the only reason why F/OSS haven't won already is because all this drama.

They wanted changes, it's free they can do as they please, they paid someone to do it, so what. If not Gargron then it would have been someone else.

@Gargron @purism @asonix Also wondering who was the one choosing the fork's name. Considering there are already two fediverse software projects named Smilodon
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