@owashii @asonix gonna get Arlo in on this

Take you down from the inside

@yeenbean @asonix No I mean safe from the splash zone when you throw ketchup at him or whatever it is you're going to do

@owashii @asonix :eyes_opposite:

Yes I have super decided what I'm going to do true


@yeenbean @asonix is there a splash zone? if so I'm either getting a poncho or another viewing point

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@yeenbean @owashii Hyena Facts

Arlo is too much of a subby bottom

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@asonix @owashii ...that's why we like Arlo ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ’ฆ

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@thatwingsy @yeenbean @owashii Hyena Facts

Yeensy has no room to talk, having bottomed for Arlo

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@thatwingsy @asonix @yeenbean semi-related but I'm trying to imagine two bottoms who are adamant about being bottoms and the resulting shenanigans as both refuse to top because it's more fun than imagining it working

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@owashii @thatwingsy @asonix honestly, IME watching bottoms behave, that's what happens (the shenanigans)

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@yeenbean @thatwingsy @asonix The first one to spin around really fast is the top

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@thatwingsy @asonix @yeenbean Then a top comes in and it turns into a fanfic, regardless of who's involved

Hyena Facts, lewd ish? 

@asonix @thatwingsy @yeenbean Meanwhile I'm just in the background being like "I wonder what salamanders like to eat"

@thatwingsy @yeenbean @asonix judging from that reaction I'm best watching from Switzerland

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