Hello everyone!

I've got some exciting news! My ActivityPub relay is "ready" for use :3

Check out this server I'm running: relay.asonix.dog/

And check out the code that powers it: git.asonix.dog/asonix/ap-relay

This is my first real ActivityPub app in Rust, so if anyone else would like to give me feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it

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@banjofox Sorry I haven't been active on Matrix, I haven't been running my server because it was really hard on my raspberry pis

I wanted to point you to this post, though. I've recently picked back up ActivityPub development & built myself a relay

This helped me prove out the
- activitystreams lib
- http sigs lib
- rsa pem lib (soon to be obsoleted by upstream rsa lib)
- rsa magic public key lib
- webfinger lib

I've also taken time to upgrade some of my libs to the latest Actix Web version

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Thanks Pal :)

Hope you are taking care of yourself ^.^

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