I've been working on a number of projects, but the main one has been this `background-jobs` crate.

It is designed to handle asynchronous jobs for rust services, and has a concept of workers, so jobs can be processed off-host if needed.

This commit brings support for my latest release of Tokio ZMQ to the jobs processor, and you can optionally swap Tokio ZMQ for Futures ZMQ, which is another crate I've been working on.

HEY! anyone with nginx experience know how I can increase the timeout on this?

I need to be able to wait longer than 1 minute

Is this file too long? probably. elementary Code looks real nice, though

I found a countdown timer on @elementary 's website. Is 5.0 Juno releasing Tuesday at 2pm central time? It's likely

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@ruca I'm telling the world that you like tigers more than lions

Hey! so guess whomst colored that Arlo art I got a while back? It was @ruca :3c

I love her art omg

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