T-Shirt Idea:

This Lion Furry Publishes Absolutely Useless Docker Images

why have a build server when you can compile rust inside docker inside screen on your desktop over ssh

I think it's really neat that there's an experimental replacement for mastodon-streaming built in rust!

At the same time, of mastodon-web, mastodon-sidekiq, and mastodon-streaming, mastodon-streaming uses by far the least resources...

Imagine if Mastodon worked by embedding every post from the original server via iframe

me: if I ever build software I should target NixOS so I can auto-generate flatpaks, snaps, and appimages

also me: *builds software and doesn't do that*

Be the something strange you wish to see in the neighborhood

Is there documentation for what software licenses are compatible with the Cooperative Software License?

I assume it's similar to the list of licenses that are compatible with the GNU GPL, but I'm not certain.

Like, are BSD2 and BSD3 okay? I assume MIT and WTFPL are fine...

oh does Write Dot As use WriteFreely underneath?

Does anyone here have a preference of Write Freely vs Write Dot As ?

I'm gonna spin one up for myself probably

Y'all, I'm so excited to show you my new project but I gotta get it finished first :3

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Here's my neat mastodon instance on a collection of Single Board Computers. This instance is for me and a few of my local friends.