@dashie well it doesn't work, currently, and I'm not sure dansup is working on a fix. I don't know PHP and I don't really want to learn it so

@noiob well the backend is all PHP, and the snowflake ID system relies on 64bit integers

@dashie the snowflake id system relies on 64bit integers

@Disi yup. Guess I'm ordering another rock64 soon. I was hoping to wait until the rock64 with PoE was released...

So Pixelfed doesn't support 32bit systems, and probably wont.

That means you can't run it on a raspberry pi. Even the pi3b+, which has a 64bit cpu, only works well with a 32bit OS currently.

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"our mission is to provide best-in-class web services"

this is spam :/

"to the furry/otherkin community"

this is weird spam


*makes car engine noises and spins in circles*

Hyena Facts

Hyenas are fluffy. pls pet hyenas

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