I also host asonix.dog and related websites

As of this post, I have
- asonix.dog (mastodon)
- pin.asonix.dog (pinafore)
- matrix.asonix.dog (matrix)
- riot.asonix.dog (matrix client)
- dns.asonix.dog (doh server)
- pixel.asonix.dog (pixelfed)
- cloud.asonix.dog (nextcloud)
- blog.asonix.dog (blog)
- git.asonix.dog (code)
- mumble.asonix.dog (voice chat)

hey what's up gamer's it's been a while since i've made one of these posts

I'm Aode (pronounced eyed) and i'm lion on mane. i write code for work and for fun (ruby, js, elm, rust). Talk to me about furry bs, programming, and linux

killing battery life with the rust compiler
why install binaries when the source is available


*slaps roof of cat*

this baby can fit little a salami, as a treat

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