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I appreciate that @purism has created the Librem One platform for privacy and security online, but I'm wary of company-hosted mastodon (activitypub) and synapse (matrix) instances.

I feel like this will likely lead to more centralization on decentralized platforms, and even if Purism is trustworthy today, they may not be in the future.

I'm excited to see their options for managing these services in a self-hosted manner, though. I may need to pick up some beefier hardware to try this out.

Anyone here on and have an invite? @ruca is looking to join

The number of daily jobs almost doubled between the 11th and the 17th

Y'all what happened the last couple days. Did Snouts get bigger or something?

So Pixelfed doesn't support 32bit systems, and probably wont.

That means you can't run it on a raspberry pi. Even the pi3b+, which has a 64bit cpu, only works well with a 32bit OS currently.

"our mission is to provide best-in-class web services"

this is spam :/

"to the furry/otherkin community"

this is weird spam

Hyena Facts

Hyenas are fluffy. pls pet hyenas

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Here's my neat mastodon instance on a collection of Single Board Computers. This instance is for me and a few of my local friends.