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FA is down and it's because I'm a cat, probably

Looks like DMs and Followers Only posts just don't ever make it to librem one.

This fundamentally breaks how I interact with people on the fediverse.

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8. Open a Merge Request against the main smilodon repository. This can be done through the website on your own smilodon repository.
9. Post about it! Promote it! Make sure you get support.

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If this MR gets closed, here's the steps to re-create it:

1. Create an account on the Purism Gitlab
2. Click "Fork" on this liberty/smilodon repository
3. Set up SSH Keys with Purism's Gitlab ( )
4. Set up git locally: ( )
5. Clone the liberty repository
- git clone your-liberty-fork-url
6. Revert the report commit
- git revert 9cae431902a2c0ce6438c6722a3a901e279c78fc
7. Push your changes
- git push

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Doin my part. Come show your support! Create an account and thumbs-up my merge request! Feel free to leave comments, also.

Hey @purism

I understand that people will be paying for access to your mastodon fork, but if your instance harbors people with malicious intent, and I can't report their behavior to you since you disabled the report feature, I'm going to block you.

I'm sure I'm not the only instance admin who feels this way

I appreciate that @purism has created the Librem One platform for privacy and security online, but I'm wary of company-hosted mastodon (activitypub) and synapse (matrix) instances.

I feel like this will likely lead to more centralization on decentralized platforms, and even if Purism is trustworthy today, they may not be in the future.

I'm excited to see their options for managing these services in a self-hosted manner, though. I may need to pick up some beefier hardware to try this out.

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