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If anyone is interested in development of the Aardwolf social network, or Rust-based web applications in general, check out the Aardwolf community I've created:

It includes the Official Aardwolf chat, and many chats for related libraries

releasing all my software under the Cooperative Software License with an exception for Free Software Projects that get my explicit permission to use the software under the AGPL like

food opinion 

Hobbyist Open-Source and Free-Software contribution is unpaid labor

English brain

"The semicolon goes inside the quotation marks;"

Programmer brain

"The semicolon goes after the quotation marks";

And then when Canonical and System76 say "actually we don't want our OS to look like shit" they get yelled at??? Get some eyes

Like sure, it's technically great, but I can't stand looking at the default configuration

Like, have you installed Fedora recently? It's ugly!

"Stop theming my app" well maybe don't make you app look like shit, then

mastoadmin, yikes 

if y'all don't follow

- Tom: @tom
- Tom: @masklayer

then you're missing out tbh

I'm sick, shitpost 

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