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Renamon? yes
Guilmon? also yes
Leomon? also also yes
weregarurumon? weird name, yes

Y'all it's how about you go follow the new Raboot in town, @Duende

Pellets Guy mentioned on the most recent Shades of Brown

Half of y'all on the tl: I just got this $200 shitty laptop and I love it

The other half of y'all on the tl: I'm getting the best most expensive desktop parts

The last half of the tl: what's a computer

It's A-Pow Day!!!

Go celebrate !!!


we're here
we're queer
for a low flat rate

we also have snouts
but we're not snouts

i'm cat

livin' life over here in the not-on-snouts zone

boost if u aren't on snouts

Is being the Hyperlink of something the Darksouls of being things?

Me, every time I see a bird in furry art: is that Manik?

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