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Y'all it's Masto MTwentyfirst Night of September

Ended my stream a bit early today because I'm having trouble focusing

I'll have the recording up soon on telegram,

Streaming in 23 minutes! gonna be working more on my router interface :3

Might stream at 1PM CST, that's 1 hour and 24 minutes from now!

stop by!

it's again and I wanna point y'all to @chosafine and @packetcat

they do a cool podcast called Shades of Brown about tech mostly but sometimes not

Today's stream may be over, but you can see what I did in my telegram channel! Today I added a page for changing the admin password and (basic) VPN support

Hey gamer's',"',,',"s

Stream tonight at 6PM CST
Working more on my router
Be there

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