dropmutt awooed

you literally cannot tell me a furry didn’t make this official big dogs instagram post

The Four Housecats of the Apocasocks
Cats Wearing Sox commissions I've done for
Aode, Kieran, FleckCat and Myru inspired by asonix's initial Aode commission

dropmutt awooed
dropmutt awooed
dropmutt awooed

"In general, fully grown male lions weigh in at around 420 pounds"

haha that's the w**d number

Y'all ever feel like. Sad.. about shit. Or whatever?

3 foot related toots in a row. Incredible. Now I can go back into masto hibernation

They call me Chilli Pete bc I got chilly peets

nsfw kink shaming idfk gag me 

Glad I finally turned on app screen time limits because I literally cannot control myself from going down these rabbit holes found the front page of furaffinity. fucking hell

Some people say that puppies are invincible
We're vincible

@asonix STICK EM UP, PORTNER. kinda disappoint w all the air bubbles bc I tried really hard to make that not happen but w/3 still cyute. Also gold was def the correct decision for that doggee face.

he not even freakin like.... the banana..

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