Any1 else a real life cowboy I have like 20k hrs on red dead

Shopping at whole foods is not fun when yr broke. Catch me comparing the alcohol content between $5 wines while having $7 ranch dressing in my cart

Everything in my rdr cowboy heart is telling me to run towards this screaming child in the neighborhood

dead animals, taxidermy, I have a hobby Show more

dead animals, taxidermy, I have a hobby Show more

dropmutt awooed
dropmutt awooed

the art director for spyro was super horny for dragons

boof.. my lil puppin back has been hurting nonstop for like a week now but it's especially bad today. Why am I elderly. Where do I buy a newer model spine and muscle set.

These critters at my gf's client's house are such CRITTERS. I'm in love.

jeez ive been watching the K/DA POP/STARS video nonstop for hours. like.. frame by frame. such a cool video, so much detail in every frame.. and the girls in it are such babes. i dont even play league. this is what they wanted and they did a gr8 job.

I cant stop playing runescape on my iPad and I'm not even good at it.

dropmutt awooed

gf: *wears new outfit*
me: !!! You're lookin like a gaddamn snack. My lil cheez-it!
gf: I'm vegan
me: my lil Earth Balance™ Cheddar Flavored Square

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